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These are my books in print at this moment.  Four of my books are published now, and several are in production or being written.  (it’s never a good idea to work only on one story and start another when that’s finished.  You wind up at loose ends.)  They are available online through Amazon (Kindle or paperback), through other online retailers, and also through my own sales location (there’s a link beneath each one). 

In the order of their dates of publication, they are:

Pharaoh’s Son

This is not the first I’ve written by any means, but it was written easily, since I’d taken time to understand the characters and the historic period, and it was written with a confidence and almost a panache that was a joy to feel.

My first published novel



The colossal statue of Pharaoh comes crashing down into a throng of worshippers, bringing the festival day of the good god Ptah to a sudden, bloody end. When the great temple of Ptah at Memphis becomes the scene of a chilling series of murders, Prince Khaemwaset, fourth son of Ramesses II and High Priest of Ptah, is faced with questions that grow more alarming with every answer he finds. 

Increasingly entangled in the enigmatic past, he appeals to Pharaoh for help and is sent an ally in the person of his eldest brother Hori, the Crown Prince of Egypt, whose courage and resourcefulness are surpassed only by his ability to make enemies. 

The brothers pursue the riddle through the passageways of the great temple and into the coffin-choked halls of the pyramids, finishing with a moonlit confrontation beneath the silent gaze of the gods, illuminating a scandal of betrayal and murder in the heart of the royal family itself.

Pharaoh’s Son is available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), other online retailers (paperback) or my estore (paperback).

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The City of Refuge

This story, which is set some eighty years prior to Pharaoh’s Son was published after the first one.  I love it when writers say that the story ‘wrote itself’.  A lot of work goes into making a story ‘work’, but sometimes it’s too enjoyable and engrossing to notice the effort that was expended.  This mystery is set in Akhnaten’s capitol city of Amarna (‘Akhet-Aten’).  It starts with a death that occurs twenty-five years before the action in the story.  City of Refuge has one of my very favorite characters in it.

This mystery takes place in Akhnaten's capital city of Amarna.

It was once the glory of Akhnaten’s reign, called ‘The Horizon  of the Aten’.  Now the imperial city of Amarna lies wrecked, abandoned and accursed, dreaming in the darkness on the edge of the Nile. 

Police Commander Khonsu has never believed in curses, but he can’t deny his own foreboding when he learns that the city’s stone quarries are to be reopened at Pharaoh’s command by a delegation from the great temple of Ptah at Memphis, headed by Lord  Nebamun, its second-ranking priest, a man without a past. 

As commander of the provincial police force assigned to guard the expedition, Khonsu accompanies the enigmatic Lord Nebamun to the ruined city, where he finds himself entangled in a drifting web of betrayal, murder and revenge that has its deepest roots in the shadows of the city’s heresy-tainted past.

The City of Refuge  is available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), other online retailers (paperback) or my estore (paperback).

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A Killing Among the Dead

This, the third of my Egyptian mysteries, was actually the first to be written.  That is, I finished it twenty years ago.  When I took it up again to review it, I adjusted it, deepened it, changed it – this is not the same book I finished all that time ago.  It’s a darker story, set in a land that was beginning to totter, though Egypt was close enough to its former greatness to be able to feel its glow.

The great kings and queens of Egypt sleep in splendor in their tombs in the Valley of the Kings. …Or do they? 

After hearing the jumbled, terrified account of one of his men, Wenatef, Commander of the Guard of Ramesses XI’s tomb, is not so sure. His investigation leads him through the portals of death to unravel a web of corruption that reaches into the great temples themselves.

This is a tale of Egypt in her waning years, beset by invading nomads, corrupted by centuries of power, a tale of one man who learns that no matter how alone he might think himself, in his struggle against evil, the Great Ones are never far.

A Killing Among the Dead is available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), other online retailers (paperback) or my estore (paperback).

**   **   **

The Safeguard

I admit it: I’m a ‘Civil War Buff’.  I was in Charleston, SC on the hundredth anniversary of the shelling of Fort Sumter, I lived in Virginia, and I’m descended from men who fought in that war, and the women who supported them.  It was a watershed time, like no other in history, and it’s close enough to touch, even now.  I have two novels set during the Civil War – and they feature cameo appearances of various of my ancestors.  The Safeguard, my most recently published book, is the first of my Civil War stories to make it into book form. The other, told from the point of view of an eight year old boy in the mountains of Virginia, is not far behind.

Miss Lavinia Wheeler had watched as her world had been torn apart over the course of the past three years. When the Civil War came to her doorstep, her generosity in opening her house as a hospital brought a change in her life far beyond any blessing she could have dreamed of or asked for.  

The Safeguard is available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), other online retailers (paperback) or my estore (paperback).


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